Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School - Finally!

Jake & Mallory started their school year last week! While I've enjoyed all of our fun summer activities, I've also been eagerly anticipating the return of the school year & some free time for Mommy. School for older kids has been in session several weeks around here, but now it's finally school time in our household!

On Tuesday evening, we headed to school for a parent meeting & to meet their new teacher. In a rare, cooperative moment, they posed for me before heading out the door.
Jake was a little hesitant when we dropped them off in their classroom, but they both settled in quickly with a class full of buddies they already know. After our meeting, I wasn't sure if I would be able to convince them to leave. They were having a blast with a box full of animals. Mallory agreed to take a pic with Mrs. Meagan, but this was the best I got. Jake was not interested, so we'll have to try that again later. Mrs. Meagan is so sweet, & they both already love her.Thursday morning, school time had arrived! Ready to get on our way:
Jake went for a serious pose...while Mal smiled sweetly.She even came back for a full-length pose...unlike her mischievous brother!
He thinks he's so hilarious when he runs away from the camera.Walking into school, new backpacks & lunch boxes at the ready!We had no tears from either of them, & they didn't seem to mind at all when Mommy & Daddy left. Reports from the first day were good, although Jake did fess up & tell me that he & Tanner got in trouble for repeatedly flushing the potties in the boys' bathroom. Those two are often partners in crime.

Here's to a great year!

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