Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beau Harrison at 6 Months

Beau is half a year old!  I can't believe how big he's getting so fast!  Here are his stats, as of Monday:
Weight - 16 lb 2 oz (27%)
Height - 26.5 inches (55%)
Head - 17.75 inches (85%)
He had to endure four shots at his check-up on Monday, which left him with a foul mood & slight fever on Tuesday, but he's back to his smiling self now.

These sitting pics look impressive, but he's not quite sitting up on his own yet.  We've been practicing a lot lately with either a boppy pillow or Mommy behind him, & he's improving daily.  Beau thinks it's great fun to get to sit up to see all of his toys!
Don't you just want to pinch that cute belly?  It's apparently useful, because he gives great belly laughs.
My big, strong boy is very close to crawling & can wiggle, scoot, pivot & roll his way to just about any destination.  Chasing him may count as a workout for Mommy before long.
Beau eats cereal with fruits or veggies three times a day, nurses after each of those meals & then takes a bottle before bed.  So far, he's tried carrots, peas, zucchini, avocado, yellow squash, mangoes, bananas, peaches & apples.  I haven't found anything he won't eat yet, so hopefully that continues.
Our house is pretty much always loud, & Beau does his fair share to add to the conversation.  He squeals, babbles & grunts a lot while playing or watching his siblings.  This third child knows he has to speak up to be heard!

As you may have seen in some of the pics, Beau tends to lean his head a bit to his right side, which our pediatrician noticed at his visit.  We're going to look into doing some occupational therapy to help correct this, but hopefully it won't be a big deal.  Jake & Mal both had torticollis when they were younger infants, & it corrected quickly with therapy.
I left Beau for his first Mother's Day Out this week at church.  He behaved well but only napped for about twenty minutes while he was there & was a bear the rest of the day.  I'm hoping that was just leftover effects from his shots & not a trend we'll stay on for future weeks.  Mommy likes her breaks!
Beau Harrison, your daddy & I love you more than words can express.  We are so thankful that God entrusted you to our care & look forward to continuing to watch you grow.

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Winters said...

Can't believe he's that old already! Those pictures are great; I especially like the 2nd one. Cutie-pie!