Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lizard Lovers

Jake & Mallory are very into observing wildlife of any kind, big or small, & there are usually at least a few things to see in our yard or the surrounding areas. Lizards are a big hit with both of them right now. Good thing Daddy is a pro at lizard catching. The kids are happy to let their little friends crawl all over them, but the cute little reptiles give me the creeps if they get too close to me.

Miss Mal, proudly showing me her "pet"
I promise that I usually clothe them, but Jake had just stripped down after swimming on this particular evening. For that reason, some of the pics we got of him with the lizard are a bit too revealing & will not make the blog. :)
Here's to hoping that my little nature-lovers keep the creepy crawly things out of the house!

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