Monday, August 29, 2011


With all of the birthday fun around our house in August, I realized that I'd neglected to post about some of our other summer fun. So before the summer is technically over (hey, it's not Labor Day yet!), I'll try to fill in the blanks.

Thanks to several sweet friends of ours with pools, we had our share of swimming this year. Jake & Mal were so much easier to corral in the pool this summer, partly due to age & partly thanks to their puddle jumpers. I love those things! Haylee hosted us several times, & my chaotic crew had a blast.

Me & my two little swimmers
Sometimes Beau joined the fun, sometimes he just napped on the porch. Either way, he was a sweet boy.Jake & Mallory loved having picnics on the porch after swim time.We also enjoyed a morning of swimming with friends one day at Sharon's neighborhood pool. It was such a great set-up for kids! They had a fun little wade pool with fountains that connected to the big pool. Mallory, off in Malloryland. Jake had fun being a bit mischievous with his friend, Sully.Me & my pool buddyWe also swam at Michelle's house, but I failed to get pictures that day. Thanks, friends, for adding to our summer fun!

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