Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beau's First Bites

Beau had his first taste of rice cereal on Thursday. I had been planning to wait until he was six months old to start cereal, as I did with the twins, but he has started waking up around 5:00 in the mornings instead of sleeping until about 7:00. He seems famished when he wakes up, & I can't get him settled back down without feeding him. Not cool. I'm hoping that adding some sustenance to his days will keep him full through the night (& early morning). We'll see!

He was rather messy but seemed to be a fan of his cereal. I've also tried oatmeal cereal since then, & he also likes it. I'm planning to ramp up his eating pretty quickly & try some veggies this week. Hopefully, we can get on some sort of a schedule before the big kids start school in a week and a half.
Yummy!J was out of town the day I began this venture, so I managed to feed him, take pictures & video the event all on my own. How's that for multi-tasking? Here's the video:

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AmyB said...

Sweet little buddy. I love the look of concentration on your face, working with that unsteady target :)