Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beau Harrison at 5 Months

My sweet boy is five months old! He is growing & changing so much each day, & we're having so much fun with him. Here's his studly, contemplative pose with the hippo chair.
And there's that charming smile!He had fun trying to sit in the chair, but he needs some work on his balancing skills.
See what I mean?
Beau continues to be quite the big boy! He now weighs approximately 15 lb, but his length is what really makes clothing a challenge. Depending on the brand, cut & style of the clothes, the sizes in his closet range from 3-6 months to 9 months & 6-12 months. I don't know what I'm going to do when cold weather comes & we actually have to cover those long legs!

He has really changed in the last month in the way that he plays. Beau is now much more adept at grabbing & pulling on toys, bringing things to his mouth & rolling to get something. Sometimes, he hangs on just for fun, like he's doing here in his swing. Silly boy!Steam rolling is in full force, until he hits a piece of furniture. :) One day this week, I saw him draw his legs up under himself while laying on his tummy. He then scooted forward just a tad. I'm crossing my fingers that those pre-crawling skills don't develop too quickly. I'm not ready for a mobile baby!Despite the look on his face here, he loves his jumperoo & is learning how to bounce more on his own.
Handsome dude all decked out for church! He has become very attached to his lovies, especially the monkey he's holding here. It has made sleeping without a swaddle much easier. Beau usually goes to bed around 9:00 & sleeps until 7:00 or later. We have to go in once or twice a night to give him a paci when he wakes up, but he usually goes right back to sleep.
My ticklish boy loves to giggle, & gets cracked up by the littlest things! The other night, I was reading him a bedtime story, & he laughed as I finished each page.
Beau has outgrown the infant tub & is now using the duck tub. He loves to splash!
We've started practicing our sitting, but he isn't really close yet. He's plenty strong enough to hold his upper body up, but he doesn't like to bend in the middle.
Having fun trying!
The last month has also brought a lot of changes in the interactions between Beau & his older siblings. Jake in particular has started to enjoy playing with Beau much more, & I think Mal is finally starting to find him interesting. They're thrilled when Beau smiles or laughs at them, & they like to make him happy for me when he fusses.
Oh, how I love this chubby-cheeked boy!

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