Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Under the Sea

*Beau turned two months old yesterday, but his check-up isn't until next Thursday, so I'll hold off on posting his pics in the hippo chair until I have stats to go with them.

We had a fun play date this morning at the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park. Miranda, thanks for recommending this! Our friends, Caroline & Colby, & their mommies came along. I ended up buying a year-long pass because it's only $20 for me. The kids are still free until August since they're under three, so I plan to get the good out of it this summer when it's too hot to do anything outdoors.

All of the big kids enjoyed seeing white alligators...
eels & fish...
turtles & lots more!Mal was very brave & wanted to touch everything in the hands-on tanks, while Jake kept his distance.

The little boys, Ty & Beau, were very well behaved in their strollers.
I was disappointed that the kids didn't get to actually see the octopus. It must have been off duty today, but they had fun playing on the octopus arms.
Stingray Bay was a big hit for all!

We rounded out our morning with lunch & play time at Chick Fil-A. If anyone wants to join us next time, just let me know. We'll be going often since we have a pass.

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