Saturday, May 28, 2011

Penguins, Tigers & Oh No!

Justin has been out of town a lot lately for work, so my mom planned to come down for a couple of days this week to give me a break. I decided it would be the perfect time to head to the zoo since I had an extra pair of hands. Mal had come down with a stomach bug in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, but after a day full of napping, she was back to normal & ready to go.

Excited to be at the zoo!
Pretty parrots that Mal foundShowing me how they measure up to the penguinsPlaying in the children's zoo area

Little man along for the fun
Unfortunately, our zoo trip took a turn for the worse during lunch time when the stomach bug chose Jake as its next victim. Yes, I got the pleasure of being the mom who has to inform someone that her son has just gotten sick all over the patio & that it needs to be cleaned up. I then got to wheel him out of the zoo shirtless since he'd soaked his shirt. I was very thankful that we made it home before his next episode!

J set up his iPad in the kitchen so Jake could watch movies while staying on the tile floor. We tried to convince him to lay on the pallet we'd made, but he preferred the cold tile. How pitiful is that?
That nasty stomach bug quickly claimed me as well that day, & then took Justin last night. We're all feeling better now & are hoping we've seen the last of this illness. Hopefully our next zoo trip will turn out much better, & we'll actually get to see all of the animals!

Jake & Mal helping Daddy rest & recover today
Sweet kids, feeling much betterThis little cutie is the last man standing, so to speak, & we're praying that this one passes him by. He's way too little to be that sick!

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AmyB said...

Yuck! We had it this week too! Noah started out early Monday, me Wednesday, and I think Jeremy has come down with it today. Praying Beau stays standing :)