Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Faves: Baby Gear

I'm a little embarrassed that I posted the first edition of this post series over a month ago & then have failed to do so again. Anyway, today's favorite things all make my life with a little one (or three little ones) just a bit easier.

Sound Machine
Ours happens to be the one pictured, but whatever brand you may own, these things are miracle workers! Beau fights going to sleep if the room is totally quiet, but when I turn this thing on, those sweet little eyes start to close. If he's downstairs during the day, I sometimes use a fan for a similar effect, but I love the sound machine at night because it doesn't affect the temperature of his room & is small enough to fit on the table by my chair.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
I actually owned this carrier when Jake & Mal were born, but I didn't use it all that much since putting one baby in it only solved half the problem. Now that my arms are needed for wrangling toddlers, this thing is a life saver for places like the grocery store or, as I found this morning, the Arboretum. He does get heavy after a while, but at least my hands are free! Yes, I look like a walking circus hanging onto the twins while wearing Beau. What can you do?

Snap 'n Go Stroller
My sweet friend, Heather, passed this down to me since she had twins on her second time around & didn't have need for a single stroller. I use it pretty much every day, especially when I'm dropping off or picking up the kids from school. I love how fast it is to get out & set up, & it weighs nothing compared to the mammoth stroller I used when the twins were little.

Nose Frida, The Nosesucker
This little gem was suggested to us by our pediatrician when Beau came down with his first cold at just three weeks old. His little nostrils were too tiny for the bulb-style nasal aspirator to do much good. Dr. Denison told us that his wife swears by the Nose Frida, so we ordered one from Amazon right away. I won't lie, it's sort of disgusting to think about. You hold the blue tube up against the outside of the nostril, then suck through the red mouthpiece. A filter inside prevents any mucus from reaching your mouth, but I still gagged a bit the first time I used it, just thinking about the possibility. Gross or not, it totally works & made that first sickness much easier to deal with.

Nothing revolutionary here, but they are this mommy's very best friend. Beau loves his paci just as much as his siblings did, which makes car rides, falling asleep & a host of other things so much more pleasant. As easy as it was to break Jake & Mal of theirs, I'm all for it! And he looks so cute sucking on it. :)

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AmyB said...

Ok, well you know what I think about pacifiers after the last 3 weeks at the Barclay house!! ;) But where did you get the sound machine? Paid a lot of our new one which now has a short in it so I may be in need of something else but it needs to be really loud.