Friday, May 6, 2011

Forgot One!

I can't believe I left this off of my earlier post. It's quite possibly my favorite baby product ever!

Lorex Video Monitor
In the past, I was a bit of a video monitor skeptic. I opted for the audio only version with the twins, firmly stating that I did not want to become one of those neurotic mothers who stared at her children for hours on end while they slept. Well, I've since seen the error of my ways.

The nursery in our old house, where we lived when the twins were born, was about ten feet from the master bedroom, so walking down the hall to check on them was no big deal. In our current house, the nursery is on a different floor & the complete opposite end of the house from our room. It's quite a trek! The video monitor lets me see whether he's really waking up & needing my attention or just making a few noises in his sleep. It's also pretty cool because you can link up to four separate cameras to it, & it has an intercom function. I'm still contemplating making it into a little home surveillance system so I can see what Jake & Mal are up to when they're playing upstairs. Imagine not even having to walk up the stairs to say, "Jake, don't hit your sister!"

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AmyB said...

Nice! I agreed with you on the video thing when Noah was born and have since wished many a time I could see what he's doing in there when he's supposed to be falling asleep! Will definitely get one if we go for #. :) Go for it on the extra surveillance--you are only one woman! ;)