Monday, May 23, 2011

School's Out for SUMMER!

Jake & Mallory are officially on summer vacation! They finished up a great first year of Sunshine School on Thursday. This Mommy will definitely be missing those extra hours to get errands done, but I'm excited about doing some fun summer things with them as well.

Their spring program was Monday night & had a picnic theme. The two-year-old classes were picnic tables & looked so cute with their little watermelon slices on their heads. Jake loved his costume & kept it on for the open house & ice cream reception that followed the program. Here's my sweet boy cheesing with his awesome teacher, Mrs. Nicole.
Mal had a slightly different opinion of her costume, to say the least. Five minutes before the program began, she threw a fit about having to wear the watermelon hat & ended up having a potty accident. Those emotions are hard to control! After J ran to the car to get her back-up pair of pants, she cried through their portion of the performance, barefoot & in mismatched pants. Poor, dramatic girl! As soon as their group left the stage, one of the directors brought her to me & she spent the rest of the program cuddled in my lap. Maybe next year!

Our sweet friend Brooke & her pre-K class were ants. Love those antennae!We opted to wait until Thursday for Mal's picture with Mrs. Nicole. Much better!Of course, Jake needed another one too! These two are going to miss seeing Mrs. Nicole twice a week. Good thing we'll still see her at church!This was my baby girl on her first day of school...and here she is on the last day. I can't believe how big she's getting!Jake's first day picture doesn't even look like the same kid to me. Look at those baby curls!
My big boy can't stand still long enough for Mommy to get one with a good smile. Instead, here's the "ch" of "cheese."Maybe I won't start my countdown to September 8th just yet. :)


Hattie said...

I usually see your kids several times a week and I still can't believe how much they have changed since the first day of school!

Winters said...

It is amazing how much they grow in such little time!