Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beau Harrison at 2 Months

Beau had his 2-month check up this morning & has some impressive stats to share with all of his loyal fans!
Weight: 11 lb 13 oz (40%)
Height: 23.25 inches (60%)
Head: 16 inches (90%)

What a big boy he's getting to be! Does that really say 60% on height? He may be the only tall member of the Chamblee family. Beau had to get three shots today, which made him very sad, but he got an excellent report from Dr. Denison.
In other 2-month news, Beau is quickly outgrowing his 0-3 & 3 month clothes & will be moving up soon. He's also about to graduate to size 2 diapers. At night, he usually has one long stretch of 6-7 hours between his bedtime feeding & the next one. Then he sleeps another 3-4 hours before beginning his day. Naps haven't really been on a consistent schedule up to this point, mainly due to his day depending a lot on what Jake & Mal are doing. I'm working on getting him to sleep in his bed for an afternoon nap so that I (hopefully) have some time with all three of them asleep in their rooms.
As mentioned in an earlier post, our little man has rolled over from tummy to back once but hasn't chosen to show off that skill again. He does love his tummy time, though, so he gets lots of practice strengthening his muscles.My sweet boy has become quite the smiley boy & loves to give me big grins & giggles. He's also starting to think that his big brother & sister are pretty funny. However, when the doctor asked him to give a big smile today, he instead offered a truly pitiful pout. I think he learned how to be dramatic from Mallory!
Beau has started to use his Bumbo seat a bit & seems to like sitting up to see Mommy, but only for a few minutes at a time. He also loves his play mats, bouncy seat & small swing. He didn't really take to the big swing, so we returned the one we'd borrowed.

We love our little man & are enjoying him so much! What a blessing to our family!

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