Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mal's Musings

Mallory: "I can't find my friend."
Mommy: "You can't find your friend? What friend are you looking for?" (thinking she'd name a toy or stuffed animal)
Mallory: "My Jake!"
Mommy: (smiling) "He's in the living room."

I love that she loves her brother so much!
I had picked her up one day & was about to head up the stairs with her.
Mallory: (Looking down & patting my belly) "That's a BIG tummy!"

At least she's honest!
Miss Mal has also become overly affectionate lately to random objects. She'll often say, "I love this arm!" while grabbing my arm or something else equally ridiculous.
This conversation happened, as many meaningful exchanges do, during a diaper change.

Mommy: "Beau is your baby brother, just like Ty is Caroline's baby brother. In a few months, we'll get to hold Beau & hug him & kiss him.
Mallory: (quite matter-of-factly & with a know-it-all expression) "After he comes out of your tummy?"
Mommy: "Yes, that's right."

I had never really talked about him coming out of my tummy before that, so she figured it out all on her own. I think she & Jake are starting to understand, as well as they can, that he really will be here at some point. If asked if she'll help change diapers & give him his bottles, though, she's quick to say, "No!"

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