Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: 6-10

Day 6 - Shopping for our church's toy drive. The church was asking especially for toys for older kids, so a lot of the things we bought were over Jake & Mal's heads, but they still thought it was lots of fun. We talked about how some kids don't have lots of toys like they do & that God wants us to share our money to buy things for them.
Day 7 - Color reindeer ornaments with markers. I had planned a different craft for this day but couldn't find all of the supplies I needed, so this was my pinch hit option. They don't usually get to color with markers, so they thought my 99 cent ornaments were wonderful!

What masterpieces! :)
Day 8 - Small group Christmas party at the Fowlers'. In addition to lots of yummy food & a gift card swap for the adults, the kids had their own little gift exchange. Here's Charlotte, Caroline, Mallory, Jake & Ty. We missed you, Emmie!
Tearing into the presents they traded
Each child brought a book to give to someone else. Charlotte had to start off the giving since the toddlers weren't too sure they wanted to part with the books they'd brought. Once Mal received a book from Charlotte, she decided it was okay to give hers to Caroline, & so it continued. Jake is in heaven with his new Curious George collection.
As I said, the party wasn't all kids! Here are the Millicans & Morses...
Hammetts & Bookers...
Ezzells with a borrowed baby...
& some distracted Gibbs, Chamblees & Fowlers.
Day 9 - Pictures with Santa at Northpark, as mentioned in my earlier post.
Day 10 - Touring the Farmers Branch lights display while sipping hot (okay, lukewarm) chocolate. They loved all of the lights & kept asking us to find more.
For those who've mentioned it in your comments, I do have all of these activities on a calendar in a Word document. I'll be happy to share if you want some inspiration for this or future years.

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