Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Down, 14 To Go

As I was thinking through my day's to-do list this morning in the shower (my best thinking time), that phrase popped into my head. Twenty-five weeks down, fourteen to go. The thought that quickly followed was, "Fourteen is not very many! I have lots to do before then!" I've been amazed at the warp speed with which this pregnancy has flown by so far. Two very important little toddlers keep me busy & my mind occupied, & the weeks just slip right past me. Maybe things will slow down after Christmas. Probably not, but we'll see!

Here I am at 24 weeks:
I'm still feeling great & have no major complaints. Beau moves & kicks constantly, which is lots of fun. My most annoying symptoms at this point are heartburn & major leg cramps at night, but I'll gladly take those things over the host of other issues I could be having. We haven't done a single thing to turn the nursery into Beau's space, other than take apart one of the cribs, but I guess we'll get there soon enough. The room doesn't have to be painted, so preparation shouldn't be too huge a process.

We'll get to see our sweet boy again on the 13th when I go back to the perinatologist. Here's to not having a waistline to maintain during the holiday season!

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The Pruetts said...

You look beautiful Allison!