Friday, September 24, 2010

Kids at Play

These are just some leftover, random pics from August that hadn't made a blog post yet.

The kids love to take food from their kitchen into their room so they can "eat" at the table. They get very into their pretending, & it's fun to listen to their conversations when they think I'm not paying attention.
Mal often refuses to look at me when I'm trying to take her picture, so sometimes I ask her "Where's Mommy's hair?" so she'll look. In this one, she's saying, "There it is!"
Jake demonstrating how to eat corn on the cob, Cookie Monster style
When all the kids' bedding arrived from Amazon, they had a great time using the boxes as reading spots.

Most of the play equipment at Chick fil-A is still a bit big for the kids since they're shorties, but we had the area to ourselves one evening when we stopped in for ice cream. Daddy helped Jake climb up to the top, & then he crawled through the tunnels & down the slide like a pro.
"Hello, Mommy!"
Mal preferred to stay on solid ground & play in the toddler area.

One of the things that I love most about kids is their ability to find pure joy in the simplest things. Watching them play just makes me happy!

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