Thursday, September 9, 2010

An A+ First Day

Jake & Mal started preschool today & had a great first day! It was pouring down rain when we were ready to leave this morning, so I didn't get pictures on the front porch as planned. The stairs will have to do for this year! Here are the little scholars acting aloof because they're so big & cool.
Aren't we cute, Mommy?
Jake decided to go with a bit of western flair for his first day attire. Not sure what this funny face is all about!
Mal was very excited to go to "Cole's class," as she called it. (Their teacher is Mrs. Nicole.)
Hurry up, Mommy! Let's go!

J flew in from Ohio this morning & got here in time to meet us at school.

Ready to learn!

Both kids got high marks on their report of the day that their teacher sent home, so they split a cranberry juice slush on the way home to celebrate. The teacher commented on Mal's super serious faces, which are often followed by spontaneous grins. That perfectly describes my little girl!
On Jake's sheet, she noted that he is always ready to answer any question, which we knew was true. He always wants to answer my questions, especially about the alphabet since he knows all of his letters. We may need to work on letting others others speak, though!Both kids took a nap on their nap mats at school, which shocked me. We're off to a great start for the year!


The Patterson Family said...

So exciting! The boys had Mrs. Nicole last year too and loved it! We are missing Sunshine School this year!

Amy Mc. said...

Is that their first slush? I am glad that they had a good first day.

Cari and Logan said...

Can't believe your babies are in preschool! So glad it all went well!

Andrea said...

I only saw them a few times today, but it looked like they were having a good time!

Newberry said...

They look so cute and grown-up! I'm glad they had a good first day.