Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy Days: Hot Air Balloon Festival

While I was in Atlanta meeting my nephew & spending time with the fam this weekend, Jake & Mallory had tons of fun hanging out with Daddy. After dropping me off at the airport on Friday, they headed to the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival with our friends, the Fowlers.

Enjoying a pizza picnic
Blowing bubbles & burning off some energy
Running wild
They both got stickers & decided that their heads were the best place to put them. Jake went for the hair...
& Mal decided to keep hers right where she could see it!
Mark, Hattie & Charlotte
Pausing in the fun for some sibling love
Anything can be fun when you're two - even running around a table.
Settling in for the show
I put this one on here specifically for Aunt Amy, who finds clowns extremely disturbing!

The kids told me excitedly all about the balloons they saw, but the fun weekend didn't stop there! Next up - Daddy takes the twins to the zoo!

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