Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Field Trip to Daddy's Office

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to let Jake & Mal see just where it is that Daddy disappears to each day. It may sound funny that this was their first time there, but it's usually just J in the office, so there isn't anyone to whom we need to show them off. Anyway, our trip to "Daddy's work," as Jake kept saying, was a big hit.

He showed them the pictures of themselves that sit on his desk...
showed them the view from his window...

& let them have a ball running around like crazy!We picked up Sonic on the way, so they quickly enjoyed their cheeseburgers & then hit the ground running, literally. The office is one big loop around the center conference room, which was perfect for my little track stars.

J, we're so thankful that you work so hard each day to provide for our family!

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