Friday, October 1, 2010

Jake's First Haircut

We finally decided that it was time for Jake to get a trim. His wild & rather long curls left him looking like a cross between Albert Einstein & Bozo the Clown most of the time, so it just couldn't be put off any longer.
And when combed out, it resembled either a mullet or a girl's hair, so that wasn't any better.
We went to see Mr. Joey on Wednesday, & Jake was a very well behaved client. "Hey Mommy, what's he doing back there?"
Suckers solve all kinds of issues, like needing to sit still.
Modeling the finished product so we could send Daddy a pic
The back still has curls - yea!
Guess who didn't want to be left out of the photo shoot?It's hard to tell from pictures, but it really does look much shorter & makes him look like more of a big boy. I'm so proud of how well he handled the process!


Newberry said...

Jake's haircut looks cute. I always think it makes them look older when it is shorter. I'm glad he did so well. Miss you guys

Hattie said...

It looks so cute! Of course, your kids look cute in everything they do!