Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Status Report

Many of you have been so sweet to offer your advice & encouragement on getting my little stinkers back on their normal sleep schedule. Thank you so much!
I'm happy to report that I kept them in their beds until 7:30 yesterday & 7:45 today. Mal is definitely the culprit with the early rising, & she's still waking up around 6:30, but she's at least stayed occupied enough for me to not go in there. Poor Jake would probably sleep until 9:00 everyday if it wasn't for his sister!
Naps have also improved some, so hopefully we're headed in the right direction. Perhaps all the craziness around here lately with vacation, ear infections & Mommy's surgery was just too much for them.
I got lots of great ideas on all things related to sleep from your comments, so I'll keep those in my back pocket until I need them. We've also made it through our first 24 hours since my surgery without additional live-in help - yea!!

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