Friday, June 18, 2010

Jake's Jabberings/ Mal's Musings

Since the kids are starting to talk a lot more, I want to periodically record some of their funny comments before I forget them, using the above titles for the posts. For today, many of their sayings are the same, so I'll combine the posts for each kid into one.

One of the phrases we hear most is "Where's ___?" or "Where'd ___ go?" The subject may be a person, such as Daddy or a grandparent, or could be a toy that they can't find. Mal was running around the other day saying, "Where's sheepy?" over & over again, as she searched for the sheep that goes with their Little People barn. Another variation I hear a lot is "Where is he/she/it?"
Speaking of "sheepy," Mal likes to add an "ee" sound to the end of lots of words. The color pink is "pinky," her brother is "Jakey," you get the idea.

Yesterday, Mimi was cleaning Mal up after snack time when Mal found a crumb on her shirt & exclaimed, "What in the world?!"

Miss Priss is also obsessed lately with saying that something or someone is "sweet." When we talk about babies, she says, "Oh, sweet!" Curious George is a recent favorite of hers, & she refers to him as "Sweet George." She also likes to inform me when she's being sweet, just in case I didn't notice.
We've been working on manners for a while but had only mastered "please," "thank you" & sometimes "excuse me." After spending a week with my sister-in-law & 2 1/2 year old niece, I've copied her tactic & started having the kids say, "May I have some/a ___ please?" when they're asking for food items. I have to prompt them a couple words at a time, but it cuts down on incessant whining with me not really knowing what they want. It's also stinkin' cute to hear them say it. Thanks Rach!Jake has become rather demanding now that he's able to tell me what he wants. He'll pull me toward the TV, which he calls "tee" & request either "Sess" (Sesame Street) or "Tuh-Tuh-Tales" (Veggie Tales). When I repeat his request back to him to confirm it, he nods & says, "Otay" & then settles down to watch.
We do a lot of pretend sleeping around our house. The kids will lay down on the floor, close their eyes & begin to snore loudly. I then hear, "I seepin'" or "Jake/Mal seepin'."
Jake loves to tell you the names of all the people that he loves. He'll go through his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins & then of course his friends from Sesame Street. Sometimes Elmo even comes before Mommy & Daddy. I'm not sure what that says about us! He can also say "I love you," which comes out as "Yuv Yo."
One of my favorite times to hear the kids talking is when they're singing. Those sweet little voices garble many of the words to their favorite songs, but then you'll hear several words come through that are correct, & it just melts my heart. Some that they're getting good at are the Alphabet (even though every other letter may be G), Twinkle Twinkle, Little Bitty Fishy and Apples & Bananas.


Hattie said...

This post was so cute and made me laugh out loud. Jake is looking more like Justin every day!

MereMoore said...

LOVE the pictures and all the sayings! Did you take all of the photos...if so you are QUITE the professional!
Glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery...when do you start "feeling" your feet again?