Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo: Complete!

My two-week absence from blogging was due to one week of vacation & an additional week of crazy busyness getting ready for vacation & my upcoming surgery. It's good to be back! I'm sure my blog will be more updated than ever these next few weeks as I'm spending lots of time with my feet propped up. For those who don't know, I'm having a bunionectomy (yes, that's the official name) on both feet tomorrow afternoon. I would appreciate your prayers that the surgery goes smoothly & that my recovery is as quick as possible.

Okay, back to the point! I failed to ever post phase 3 of our master bedroom project, which was adding the couch & the piece on which our TV sits. Painting was our last step, & that happened last week while we were on vacation. It was so nice not to have to worry about having paint & ladders everywhere while the kids were home!

Just to refresh your memory, here are the before shots of our room:

And here's the new look:

The color we chose is called Sparrow & is gray but does have some blue undertones, which is exactly what I was going for. After spending a few days with it, I can definitely say that I love it! Now I can just have fun finding some wall hangings to tie everything together. We also had our bathroom done in the same color:

The other area to get a splash of color this past week was our downstairs powder room. Yes, I know I have lots of red things in my house, but it's just my happy color! This shade is Stadium Red, which we used in the old house for our dining room & kitchen back splash. Our painter, who is a friend of ours, told me (with a smile) that I was not allowed to have another red room, as it's always a hard color to get right. High maintenance? Not me!
I have lots of vacation pictures to post soon, so stay tuned!


Andrea said...

Looks great! I love the gray color in your bedroom.

Jennifer said...

Love it! That gray color is so pretty and it looks fab with the black and white accents. So crisp!

Amy Mc. said...

They look great. We have a similar greyish blue color in our guest room and it is going to have black and white accents as well. I will be praying that your surgery goes well tomorrow.

Jodi said...

Ok, girl, as a veteran bunionectomy girl... my prayers are with you. PLEASE post as soon as you feel up to it how you are doing. I got a nasty knot in my stomach reading that you were doing this tomorrow... keep us updated! Love you.

On to the rooms... AWESOME. As a fellow lover of all household things red, it looks FABULOUS. :)

Winters said...

It all looks great!! The gray color looks very tranquil...and I'm also a firm believer you can never have too much red! Good luck with your surgery today...you'll be in my prayers that it will be as pain-free as possible.

Hattie said...

Those all look wonderful! Can't wait to see them in person :)