Friday, June 25, 2010

Say Cheese, Please!

Last year, we started our annual tradition of a week-long beach vacation with Justin's family. Our first one was in St. Simon's, Georgia, & the plan this year was to head to Ft. Morgan, Alabama. Those plans changed two days before we were set to leave when oil from the BP accident reached the Gulf coast.

Thankfully, we were able to find a house to hold all of us in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina & adjust our plans. Though the oil was inconvenient for us, we have been careful to remember that this tragedy is changing the way of life for many residents there, & we should all keep these people in our prayers.

Another annual tradition during our vacation is to take family pictures on the beach. Next year, we definitely need to take them at the beginning of the week, rather than the end as we did this time. Mal was fighting a double ear infection, so she refused to smile for most of the pics, & all the kids were a bit worn out from our busy week. We did get some good ones, though!

The whole family
Mimi & Pops with their grandkids
Mark, Rachel & Belle
Taking a little stroll along the beach
Our part of the Chamblee family
The sick little lady really just wanted to cuddle.
Mommy & her sweet girl

I don't have the pics of Ryan, Amy & Ella because they were taken on Ryan's camera. He has much more important things to take care of right now than vacation pictures. Our nephew, Jackson, was born yesterday morning, six weeks ahead of schedule. Everyone is doing well now. I'll post a pic of him soon.


AmyB said...

alli, we're so not that far from myrtle beach!! sorry about mal's ears, and jake's too, those just make for a miserable time! pretty pics!

Kim said...

Wow, great pictures!! Mal was a good sport :)

Winters said...

GREAT pics! Mallory still looked so cute, despite the ear infections :-( They are no fun, that's for sure, especially when flying is involved.