Monday, April 26, 2010

Proud To Be Paci Free!

We did it! We are completely paci free! I don't say that to gloat over anyone having a hard time with the transition; it's simply a statement of relief!
For several months now, we've only used pacis in their beds at night & during nap times. I wanted to make sure that we got rid of them & got back to sleeping well before my surgery in June since I won't be able to traipse upstairs to console them at that point.
So, last Wednesday I decided to take the plunge since J was scheduled to be in town for at least a week & a half. You know, in case it got rough around here!
We threw away all but one paci per kid & then cut the tip off of their remaining one. Mallory put it in her mouth & sucked on it as if there was no difference. Jake immediately pulled it out of his mouth & gave it a confused, sideways look, then looked at me. "Is your paci broken?" I asked. "Bo-ken," he confirmed. Even so, he put it back in his mouth & attempted to suck on it. There were a few tears at bedtime that night, but after 30 minutes or so, they were both asleep.
Jake cried for forty minutes at nap time on Thursday & then finally slept after cuddling on the couch with me for a while. Thursday night I cut a bit more off of each one. Mallory, again, seemed not to mind. Jake was very concerned but still managed to suck/chew on it & get to sleep.
Friday afternoon, Jake didn't nap at all but seemed to have more than enough energy, so I didn't bother trying to make him. Later that day, I thought I'd take a shot in the dark. I asked Jake if he wanted to throw his paci in the trash since it was broken, then held the trash can out toward him. He tossed it in & was subsequently praised for being such a big boy! I asked Mal if she wanted to throw hers away & was met by an adamant "No!" A couple of hours later, though, she agreed that it was broken & threw it away.
We've had three great nights & three great nap times since then, so I think we're home free! If you ask them why they're big kids, they'll tell you "paci trash" or some version of that. We're so proud of our big kids!


Hayley said...

Good for Jake and Mallory! They are getting so big!

Miranda said...

I'll try and remember these strategies in a couple months when we say bye bye to Ranger's!

Newberry said...

That sounds really familiar! I'm glad the transition went well, and you no longer have to bother with pacis.