Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Family Affair

Last weekend my cousin, Amy, & her family came to stay with us to celebrate her son Noah's first birthday. They moved to West Virginia in December, so we were so glad they came to Texas to have his party.

While we were partying, I got to love on this sweetie, my niece Aubrey. She has so much beautiful hair that she's already had a bang trim at less than five months old! I can't imagine Mal needing a haircut anytime in the near future, & she's twenty months old.Mal got in some giggle time with Nana...
& Jake avoided the more crowded areas by hanging out with Papa.
My aunt got this cute cake made at a little bakery in Paris (Texas).
Getting a better view of the action from up high; piggy back rides have become Jake's new favorite thing.
Sweet birthday boy checking out his cake...
& then diving in!
Breakfast time with Noah at our house
Isn't he so handsome!
Jake & Mal just sort of watched his every move all weekend. I think they were confused about these visitors in their house, but they were glad for them to be here as long as Noah didn't steal Jake's mommy or Mal's lovie.
Taking a ride in the swing before they had to leave on Monday
I failed to get a pic of all three kids or one of Amy & me. I guess we'll use that as our good excuse to get together again soon! Love you guys!

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AmyB said...

Oh, you have to send me these! Can't believe we forgot to get pics all together. We had so much fun; you guys are the best! Love you!