Monday, April 5, 2010

An Early Easter Bunny

Last Thursday night, I went to help with Apples of Gold while J kept the kids at home. As they were playing outside after dinner, J noticed Jake squatted down next to the porch, waving & saying "hi" over & over again. Can you see what he found?
It was a tiny baby bunny! Our neighborhood has lots of cottontails that we see scampering around, but this was the first one we've ever had just chillin' out in our yard. It even let J pick it up & hold it so the kids could pet it. They were very excited to tell me about their adventures when I asked the next day & are now constantly on "bunny watch" when we're outside.


AmyB said...

that is just too cute!

Hattie said...

How adorable! I love that Jake noticed it and was trying to interact with it!