Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Over the River & Through the Woods... Mimi's house we went! We actually traveled on spring break this year, which I think is funny since we're not really affected at all by this holiday as far as jobs & school are concerned. Next year we will be, though!

The kids hadn't flown since last July, so I wasn't sure what they'd think of it. We had quite the load heading into the airport Monday night with a double stroller, three suitcases & three carry-ons.
Checking out the airplanes before we boarded
Overall, the flight there went well, but we did have mass screaming & flailing for about the last 20 minutes of it. It was way past bedtime! Mallory explained her woes to Mimi when we arrived.
Jake headed straight for Pops
Tuesday we got to have a lazy morning at home to recover from our trip. That evening, all the fam came over to have dinner together. Jake & Mal got some quality horsey-riding time in with Pa.
Jake thought Pa was very funny & kept giving him the biggest belly laughs.
Poor Daddy had to go to work every day while we were there, but that allowed him to make this trip without having to take vacation days. It really is a huge blessing that his company is based in the same city where his family lives. Jake says, "Cheese!"
Jake's shirt was a gift from Uncle Ryan when we were there at Thanksgiving & says "King of the Wild Things" on it. He thought it was appropriate since Jake was the only boy cousin amidst all of the girls. That will change in August when Jackson is born! We're missing Sophi in this picture, but here's the king with Evie, Mal, Belle & Ella.
Pausing in his play for a little head cuddle with Mommy
Cousin bath!
On Wednesday, Karen & I picked up Ella & met Rachel & Belle at an indoor play gym. The kids had such a great time & were thoroughly worn out by nap time. How many car seats can you squeeze in one row?This shows just how worn out Mal was. She fell asleep with my comb that she'd been playing with still in her mouth.Little lady on a mission, playing out on the deck
Sweet Ella mowing the deck
Trying to bust out of jail...don't worry, she didn't succeed.
On Saturday, we headed to Stone Mountain to ride the train. It was a neat activity to do with the kids! Mal chillin' with Pops
Rachel, Mark & Belle
Ryan, Ella & Amy (& Jackson!)

Our whole group, minus J, who was behind the camera

This carving of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis is the largest bas-relief in the world.
After a great lunch at Aunt Rachel's & naps back at Mimi's, we gathered once again to celebrate J's 29th birthday, which was actually that Friday.

Sweet Evie hanging out while the rest of us ate dinner
J getting ready to blow out his birthday candle on his favorite - lemon icebox pie
Belle says, "Cheese!"
Mmm, dessert!

Lauren, Josh & Sophi got in late Saturday night, so we were able to see them on Sunday before heading home on Monday.
As usual, the trip went by really quickly, but we had such a great time! We'll get to see J's parents & siblings again in June when we head to the beach!

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Three Scobeys said...

Oh my goodness these kids are getting sooo big! In the picture of all the cousins on the stairs Evie just looks like she could jump up and run away. Where are our babies??