Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bluebonnet Beauties

Last year, we were pretty successful at getting some cute shots of the kids in a field of bluebonnets not far from our house. They couldn't even crawl at that point, so they had no choice but to sit still while we snapped pictures. Um, yeah, things have changed. I'm not sure we have any frame-worthy ones from this year, but maybe after J crops some of them, they'll look better. They're still cute kids, even if the pictures aren't great, so oh well. Maybe next year!


AmyB said...

I think they turned out nicely! I'm bummed we didn't get any while we were there!

Miranda said...

Still cute!!

Winters said...

Those are great! I especially like the one of them together...can't go wrong with cute kiddos and bluebonnets!