Monday, April 4, 2011

Nifty Fifty

In honor of their fiftieth day of school, the kids' preschool had Fifties Day today. Jake & Mallory had fun dressing for the occasion & especially enjoyed the ice cream sundaes that they had for snack time.
Mallory borrowed her poodle skirt from Mrs. Nicole, who has two sweet girls. Brooke, one of her daughters, just loves Mallory & dotes on her whenever possible. Don't they look cute together?Lots of hair + lots of gel + nap time = one sweet afro
I love my girly girl! Mrs. Nicole said that she kept twirling around in her skirt all day & was happy to show off the poodle repeatedly.Beau went vintage with his look today as well. I love this sweet vintage plane outfit that Aunt Debbie sent him!Only the coolest dudes get to have their name on their hat.He looks peaceful in these pictures, but my poor baby has been rather pitiful the last couple of days. We only made it three and a half weeks before his first cold, & it's just sad to hear coughs & sneezes coming from that little body. We went to the pediatrician today & confirmed that it hadn't settled into his lungs, so hopefully it will clear up soon with lots of rest & snuggling.

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Hattie said...

Love the 50's outfits! So cute! I also think that Beau looks a lot like Mal in the closeup of him sleeping.