Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

A couple of weeks ago, J left on his first business trip since Beau's birth. I was a little nervous about two evenings in a row of just me & the kids, but we actually managed really well. He was gone another two nights last week, so I'm getting comfortable with managing the evening routine alone when he's gone.

Anyway, I decided that the kids needed something to spice up the evening & keep them entertained, so I told them to clean up all of their toys so they could have a surprise. Once the playroom was clean, I pulled their swimming pool out of the attic & filled it with the balls from their old ball pit. Much fun was had!

After wallowing around in the balls for a while, they devised a game in which they declared which color they would "catch" & then picked up two balls of that color & threw them out of the pool. Then they raced to retrieve them & the game began again. For some reason, in the clip that I caught, Mal was pretending that the purple balls were pink. I promise she does know the difference!


AmyB said...

I love the pictures of the kiddos down the side! I also loved Beau's announcement. Did you take all these pics of him yourself??

Miranda said...

I know all about the single mom routine while Daddy is out on a business trip!

Winters said...

How resourceful! Those videos are cute and prove how much fun kids can have with "old" toys in a new way. I'll definitely have to save that fun game for a rainy day!