Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mal's Musings

Mal: (talking to Spot, the dog) "You go poo poo? You need your diaper changed?"
Jake: (running in with Mal's toy diaper bag) "I'll change his diaper!" (then turning to Mal) "I'll change your diaper, too."
Mal then lies down & proceeds to be "cleaned up" by Jake, who then takes a turn to have Mal change his diaper. Afterward, Mal proudly tells me, "I took care of him!"

Mal: (panic stricken when she sees that Beau is no longer in his bouncy seat) "He got out!"
Mal: (as I'm walking out onto the back porch to join them, holding Beau) "Hey, you got Jesus?"
Mommy: (laughing hysterically) "No, Mal, this is Beau."
She giggles, then goes on with her play. I'm not sure where her question came from, but maybe it would be a good evangelical campaign slogan.

This conversation occurred one day at the end of lunch as I was cleaning her hands & face.
Mommy: "Mallory, I'm so proud of you for deciding to eat your lunch so you could have dessert."
Mal: "It was my finest hour!" I love my funny girl!

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Winters said...

Her last line cracks me up--precious!!