Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Re-Cap: Spring Break

Even though I've posted about lots of things lately, there still seem to be quite a few that I missed. So, a few catch-up posts are in order, starting with spring break.

Jake & Mal had spring break from preschool the week after Beau was born. It worked out nicely that it was also Nana & Papa's spring break, so they were able to stay with us for that week. Nana kept the kids busy with all kinds of fun things, including crafts! One day, they decorated visors with foam stickers.

Jake sporting his finished visor, along with some Farrah Fawcett bangs
Mallory, also with an eighties-esque hairdo
Or maybe this is the cool way to wear it:
Countless hours were spent that week & in the weeks since playing with Nana's Toy Story 3 Memory Game. The kids don't actually play by the rules, but they'll sit forever just finding matches & trading cards with each other.We had several other visitors that week, including Haylee...Hattie...
Cousin Amy...
Cousin Noah...

Karson & Sharon...
Uncle Kent, Aunt Joni, Brody & Aubrey!
Beau got lots of snuggles from Nana & Papa.He even dressed up & wore a tie one day!
This was our first official "family of five" photo & captures some of the chaos of our current life.Curling up for a good book with Nana
Silly Jake with Papa
Outdoor fun

Beau's first time to join us for an evening walk around the neighborhoodHelping Nana plant flowersIt was a busy week! Thanks, Nana & Papa, for all of your help!


Andrea said...

It looks like they had a fun spring break! Your new background and heading look great.

AmyB said...

I like the new heading! It looks like the Chamblee life is a game show. Maybe it is these days! ;) and I love the Farrah/80s hairdos. Glad you all had a good spring break!