Friday, February 25, 2011

Then & Now

As of today, at 36 weeks 6 days, I am "more pregnant" than I've ever been! Jake & Mal were born at 36w 5d, & I was SO ready at the time to get them out of there. I'm very ready this time as well but no where near as miserable as I was with them for quite a few reasons. I won't claim that carrying one baby is a piece of cake, especially since I tend to have easy pregnancies, but it certainly feels easier on my body than carrying two did. Here's 36 weeks with Beau:
And, for those who may have forgotten, here's 36 weeks with Jake & Mal. I wish the scale of both pics was the same, because this doesn't seem to do it justice. My belly was WAY bigger then. With the twins, I gained a total of 46 pounds, & my belly measured 40 cm (full term for a singleton) at 26 weeks. This time, I've gained 31 pounds & the belly has stayed on track for a single pregnancy.
The other thing you can see in the above picture are my pitifully swollen feet. I distinctly remember them first swelling at 23 weeks, & it just got worse from there. This time, I avoided any swelling at all until after 35 weeks, but what I have had has been minor. I'm still able to wear my normal shoes, so that's great! The same goes for my hands. Last time, I had to ditch my wedding rings when I was still several months out. Today, at 13 days until delivery, I still have them on!

It's been nice this time around not to have to kick Justin to the guest room, thanks to our king sized bed. Last time, we were still sleeping in a full sized bed that had 30+ year old mattresses on it. As I grew, the distribution of weight changed so much that poor J actually rolled to the middle of the bed. He also got woken up every time I changed position or had to get up, so we lived as roommates down the hall from each other for at least two months. Even though I still get up a couple of times a night & toss & turn a bit, he sleeps right through it!

It's been fun over the past few months to compare this pregnancy to my last. It gets me excited to see how similar or different Beau will be to Jake & Mal. We don't have long to wait before finding out!

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