Tuesday, February 8, 2011

34 Weeks

It's hard to believe that we have just four weeks left until we meet Beau! I did have a sonogram yesterday, but the pictures I got from it aren't at all distinguishable, so I won't post them. Beau did cooperate quite well, & we have some precious video of him opening an eye & moving his mouth, but the sonographer didn't happen to catch any of that in still shots.

We're praising God for the good news we received from Dr. Rinehart yesterday. The sonogram showed very little echogenicity in his bowel, so it appears that whatever our issue may have been is clearing up. Unless I have any reason for concern, we won't see Dr. Rinehart again for another sonogram.

I'm now seeing my OB weekly, & everything looks great according to him as well. Here's my 34 week belly pic:
Nursery pics coming soon!


Sharon said...

This made my day! Love you!

AmyB said...

Praise God! What a relief! It's going to go really fast now :)