Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run, Daddy, Run!

A few weeks ago, Justin ran in the White Rock Half Marathon. He's done one full marathon before, & this was his third half marathon. He did a great job & finished in an hour & 46 minutes!

Nana was kind enough to come along to help me with the kids & cheer him on.
It was a bit chilly that morning, but these two fans looked so adorable all bundled up!
Hi Daddy! This was about mile 6.
After the race, we had a hard time finding him but finally did & then headed to Tinstar for a celebratory lunch.
Justin, we love you & are so proud of you!


Hattie said...

Go Justin!

Amy said...

wow! go J!

Linda said...

Great job, Justin! We'll be ready next year with signs for the kids to hold.

Linda said...

The blog looks great with the new pictures and background!

AmyB said...

Congrats Justin! Jeremy is so proud. :)

Alli, I need you to tell me how to make a header for my blog!! Yours is cute.