Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The crazy holiday season is upon us, & while I haven't done everything I would have liked to by this point, I think I'm doing okay.
  • Procure warm coats for the kids (before our first cold weather showed up) - check!
Not sure why, but sometimes Mal likes to leave her hood on & just walk around the house like this. Silly girl!
  • Make lots of fun messes - check!
This particular one was due to some strawberries enjoyed at snack

  • Host some holiday festivities - check!
These pics are from our small group Christmas party, & I'm hosting my bunko group tomorrow.

  • Dress the kids in all sorts of holiday fun - check!
Much to their Daddy's chagrin.
  • Send Christmas cards - check!
  • Make yummy Christmas treats - in progress. I made sugared cranberries yesterday & am working on gingerbread today. The food may be my favorite part of Christmas!

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Hattie said...

I love Christmastime. Even with all of its craziness!