Thursday, December 10, 2009

When eyes are pink, the weekend stinks!

Okay, so maybe my title is a bit dramatic. The whole weekend didn't stink, but the pink eye part certainly did!

Saturday morning, Jake woke up with a slightly swollen right eye. I decided to watch it for a few hours before calling the doctor, since it could have been from a number of things. As the day progressed, however, it became rather evident that we were dealing with pink eye. It spread to his other eye, & he was oh so kind to share it with his sister.

So off we went to the after hours pediatric clinic for a rather pricey diagnosis. The finishing touch? They both still had ear infections in both ears, apparently lingering from the infections we had a few weeks ago. Poor babies!
Good thing those drops work quickly! (Based on the price, they must be made of pure gold, so maybe that's what makes them work so well!) We're all cleared up now & on the mend from the ear infections. We're going back to our regular doctor next week just to make sure we knocked them out this time.
With all that drama, we didn't even notice until last night when we were brushing their teeth that Jake has his first molar. He's now two teeth ahead of Mal, so she'd better catch up. What fun!

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