Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scobey-Chamblee Thanksgiving '09

As usual, I had good intentions about posting our Thanksgiving many days ago, but better late than never, right?

The Friday night before Thanksgiving, the four of us set out on our first ever road trip with the kids. I'm proud to say that we made it in 12 hours & 20 minutes, including four stops. It required lots of patience, snacks, some ipod headphones & creative parenting strategies, including, but not limited to, Elmo DVDs, but we made it!

J & the kids with our loaded car before we set out
Once in Atlanta, Jake & Mallory had a blast exploring Pops & Mimi's big, new house!

Over the week we were there, we enjoyed lots of time with the extended family & way too much good food!

Mal checking out her picture on Grandpa's camera
Belle, Ella Grace, Mal & Jake
Cousin baths are so much fun!
We've developed a tradition over the last few years of eating at The Varsity the day before Thanksgiving. The kids enjoyed their hot dogs & fries & especially the hats!On Thanksgiving day, we had a houseful! Twenty-four people shared a meal, including six babies under two years old!

Grandpa with Mallory

Pops was Jake's favorite person while we were there. He even learned to say his name! A few nights ago, Pops was in Dallas & stopped by to see the kids. The minute he walked in the door, Jake exclaimed, "Pops!" It is so sweet to watch them together.
J with two of his favorite ladies, Karen & Grandma
Sweet Mommy's girl!

Enjoying the feast!
J's cousin, Lauren, with her niece, Evie

Sweet Sophi in Uncle David's lap
This was the only picture I manage of me with both kids, & I didn't get one of Justin. I am very disappointed in our picture taking efforts during this trip, but we did get to have a professional photo shoot with J's cousin, Graham, so that makes up for it.
My sister-in-law, Amy, is always sweet to take on extra kids to play with, & she's a big hit with the twins.

As I mentioned, J's cousin Graham took some beautiful pictures of the fam while we were there. If you're interested, you can view them here. I'll be posting some of my favorites when I get the files from him.

I hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day!

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AmyB said...

Love your "parenting techniques"! Glad you guys survived the trip and had fun. Want to plan a ski trip in WV?? We have ski resorts that are only 1-2 hours from us. :) The boys and girls could take turns watching babies! I am excited about going tubing.