Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Week at a Time

Just a quick update on belly & sonogram pics. 32 weeks:

These are from our sonogram on Friday. I was so frustrated with myself for not requesting a DVD because they were both showing off, & the still pictures just don't do them justice. You have to ask for the DVD before they start the sonogram, & they didn't offer, so I forgot about it. Oh well! Here's a good profile shot of Jake. We could see his mouth moving, & he had his fist propped under his chin like he was contemplating something.

Similar picture, but you can see his arm & fist better in this one.

Mallory wanted to show us just how big she could yawn. Hers are a little more blurry, but she's basically in the same position that Jake was in his pictures, but her face is turned a little more toward the camera instead of a true profile.She kept sticking her tongue out at us, which is what this one shows. So sassy!
They only measure the babies every other week, so we didn't get to find out how much they've grown. I saw my OB today, & everything is still looking great. He said that in another 10 days or so, we'll be to the point where they wouldn't stop my labor if it started on its own because the babies would be ready enough. That's a good feeling! I am now having Braxton-Hicks contractions all the time, but not the real thing yet. Justin is great about ordering me to sit down & relax while he takes care of whatever needs to be done. I'm not always the best at slowing down on my own! Here's 33 weeks:


Jodi said...

I don't know your sweet little skinny self is holding up to all that! You've got some little movers and shakers in there! :) Amazing. I love them already, and I love that J is taking good care of you. Good boy. Keep up the good work, there, litte Mama. I check your blog daily to see if anything "big" has happened!! :)

Alyssa said...

You look wonderful... and I am so glad to know that your babies are doing so well! Congratulations-

Paige said...

I'm glad everything is still going well. Get lots of rest!

Kim said...

We're getting excited to meet those sweet babies!!!