Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, What Fun!

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, & I don't have long left, so here we go! There are many fun & interesting things about pregnancy, especially when you're carrying multiples, so I thought I would share some of them with everyone. But first, here's 34 weeks:

"Say What...?" (commentary to be remembered)
  • You look like you're about to pop! (a frequent favorite)
  • You just get bigger & bigger every time I see you! (Um, thanks?)
  • Any day now! (from another guest at a hotel we were staying at when I was 26 weeks)
  • Well, do you think you can get any bigger? (My answer: Well, I've got 6 weeks left, so I'll bet I can.")
  • You must be getting pretty close, huh? (from a salesperson at J. Crew when I was 20 weeks)
  • You're having a little girl, aren't you? ("Yes, but I'm also having a little boy." No one ever senses mutiples.
  • Just don't have that baby while you're waiting. (from a checker at Bed Bath & Beyond who was wrapping the gift I'd just bought)
  • Oh my gosh! Are you on your way to the hospital right now?! (from a lady soliciting donations for a charity at an intersection when I was 27 weeks)
  • Twins? (from a deli counter worker at Target after he saw how large I was; I wonder if he ever asked someone this & was met by an indignant "No, just one!"
  • Just promise me one thing: that you won't have that baby while you're here today. (from an usher at church)
The Brighter Side (a positive look at some of the challenges presented by pregnancy)
  • Really big belly gets in the way......but it also serves as a nice table for your ice cream bowl (or for keeping score in mini golf - see earlier post).
  • Not being able to reach your toes is inconvenient......but you have a nice excuse to get frequent pedicures.
  • My husband is now sleeping in the guest room because I toss & turn so much that he can't get any sleep........but I have lots of room to myself.
  • Very few clothing items still cover my belly.......but no one judges me when I wear the same thing multiple times a week.
  • I am easily winded by very simple physical activities......but I don't even feel bad for not working out.
  • My feet & ankles get HUGE if I'm on my feet too much........so I enjoy lots of reading & TV watching with my feet propped up.
Amazing Stats
  • At this point, I've gained a total of 43 pounds. Too bad only about 10 of that is the babies!
  • My belly measures 46 centimeters from top to bottom, which is how my OB measures each visit, and 112 centimeters around.
  • The average woman's chance of conceiving fraternal twins naturally is 1 in 100. Once I've had one set of fraternal twins, my chance of having another set increases to 1 in 25. Mallory (& any other girls we may have) will also have this increased chance since this trait passes through the mother's side to daughters.
Okay, if you're still with me, thanks for indulging my sense of humor. I'll finish up with a few details about the babies. We had a sonogram on Friday, but we only got one picture that isn't very good, so I don't have any to post. We also got a DVD, but the babies didn't really want to show off for the camera. Everyone is healthy, & they are growing like crazy! The sonographer estimated that Jake is 5 lb 2 oz & Mallory is 5 lb 8 oz. This is a huge leap for both of them from the last time they were measured, but the margin of error is 13 oz either way. They were also pretty wiggly, so it was hard for her to get good measurements. We will have another sonogram on Thursday, which is my birthday, so that will be a great birthday treat to get to see them!

We now have car seats installed in my car & our bags at least semi-packed. Only 2 1/2 more weeks!


The Chamblees said...

I think the look on J's face while installing the seats says it all! I'm so glad you've done so well through all of this. I can't wait for them to meet Ella Grace at Christmas! Love you guys.

Hattie said...

We are just so excited to meet Jake and Mallory. Yea for car seats!

Amy Mc. said...

I am amazed at some of the things that people say to pregnant women. It is hard to believe that you only have 2.5 weeks left. We are looking forward to meeting those sweet babies.

carrie said...

Not sure if you remember me but I lived down the hall from you freshman year at ACU. I came across your blog and I am happy for you and your babies!
Carrie Jolly

Jodi said...

Don't you just wanna knock people upside the head sometimes for saying stupid stuff!! I've encountered it some too... things that should NEVER be said to a woman, pregnant or not. But I love your humor that goes with it! :)

Can't believe how close it is! And can't WAIT for the big news! Love to all four of you!

Tammy said...

Very funny post! You really are looking good! People say some pretty funny things and don't you just love how everyone feels so comfortable rubbing your belly?! We are counting down with you! Love ya!

Robin said...

I think you are wrong in saying that only 10 lbs of your weight gain is the babies - you look AWESOME! (I swear I gained weight ALL OVER w/ the 2nd one!) So I think all 43 lbs. belong to the babies - making them roughly 21.5 lbs each - hey, you won't have to worry about dropping them because they're so light! ha. Don't worry, Allison, that 43 lbs. (wherever you're hiding it - seriously, where is it??) will melt with nursing and all things baby/twin related that you'll be doing 24/7! We are excited for you and J!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for this funny post! I can't wait to meet Jake and Mallory!

Amy Wilson said...

I had to comment here. You seriously look great (and I do admit to remembering how well the ice cream bowl fit on my belly;-) Thanks for letting me see all the progress since our apples of gold class ended. Congrats on an amazing pregnancy. What a blessed little boy and girl to have parents like you.

Paige said...

Happy belated b-day! Can't wait to meet your sweet babies!