Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Last Round of Golf

Last night we went to Adventure Landing with some couples from our class at church. It was a fun outing, despite being very hot for a pregnant girl! Here's the group shot:

I discovered the usefulness of having a large belly when there are no stands to use for recording scores.

I was also fortunate enough to have personal caddies for the evening. Mark & Hattie were sweet enough to pick up my ball for me after each hole. I didn't have to bend down a single time! This is my kind of golf!
Our first game, we split up guys & girls. Jonathan, J & Mark:
Jill, Hattie & me:
Vicki, Cody, RaeAnn & James:Lauren, Hattie & Jenn:
I chose to skip the go carts, but some of the group went to do that. J tried to take pictures, but most of them didn't really turn out. This one is definitely worth posting, though. Jacob with his driving face ready:I'm sure it will be a while before these two people play mini golf again!


Jodi said...

So fun!!!

And congrats on changing careers! You will find it is the hardest, best, most fanstastic thing you have EVER done or will EVER do! I am so glad God has blessed you guys with the opportunity for you to stay home. It rocks!! :)

Amy Mc. said...

I am glad that you are making the most of the summer heat. That is so exciting that you are "unemployed." I am glad that you are getting to stay home with the twins.