Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growing Babies

We had a sonogram on Thursday, & everything looks great! Dr. Rinehart said these were the best behaved twins he'd had all day because they cooperated enough for him to see what he needed to see, & all their stats were on track. Way to go, Jake & Mallory! Jake was being a little camera shy, so we didn't get any shots of his face. In these pictures, his face is turned down. Jake weighs 4 lb 2 oz & has flip-flopped again so that he's now head down on my left side. From this point on, twins usually gain about 1/4 lb each week, so they should be just under 6 lbs at birth.

Mallory cooperated much more than at our last visit, but it may be hard to really tell from the pictures. I can see what it is, but I know it's always hard for other people to figure out. These are actually profile shots with her face up toward the top of the picture. One of Jake's limbs was right in her face, so that blurs it a bit. Mallory weighs 4 lb 1 oz & must have done some major maneuvering to get from her last position to her current one. She is also head down but is a little higher than Jake & is on my right side. Needless to say, I get lots of kicks in my ribs with both of them being in that position.

Here are their little heads together. The sonographer said they were turned in facing each other - how sweet!
We now have less than 5 weeks to go & feel so blessed to have made it this far. Dr. Thurston actually described me as "the perfect woman" when I saw him because everything they keep track of with me is just as it should be right now. I told him I would take that compliment. We now see Dr. Rinehart every week, so we only have to wait until Friday for our next sonogram. Yesterday, we took a Preparing for Multiples class at the hospital that was very informative & fun. You always expect classes like that to be boring, even if they are helpful, but it wasn't, so that was nice. Have a great week everyone!


Nicole said...

That picture of the babies' heads together is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! Congrats on making it this far!

Hattie said...

I'm just so excited for you and Justin! It took me a few glances to see the picture of Jake correctly, but I finally got it figured out. And, I love the picture of their heads together!

Mom said...

J and Alli, We are so thankful that everything is going so well with you and the twins! Can't wait to welcome our grandchildren. Love you, Mom

Jodi said...

I just smiled the ENTIRE time reading your post and seeing their pics! I am just thrilled everything has gone "without a hitch" and that you are beyond 32 weeks with no issues! What a great blessing! Good job babies!! :) Sending lots of love and prayers your way... thanks for keeping us posted! LOVE YOU!