Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pre-Easter Festivities

Jake & Mallory have had fun getting ready for Easter to arrive.  Beau thinks that throwing plastic eggs is fun, but he doesn't have a clue what Easter is.  Next year for him!

Filling eggs to take to school
Cute kids on Thursday morning before their egg hunt at school
Mallory helped me decorate sugar cookies shaped like tulips, butterflies, bunnies & eggs today.  I'll go ahead & confess that letting her help wasn't my original plan.  I was going to make "pretty cookies" by myself, but the icing sort of flopped so I decided to let her make some beautiful in her own way.  Shameful of me, I know.  Her concentration look bears a striking resemblance to mine.  I know of one other female in our family who shares it as well.  We come by it honestly!
Beau knows to stick close to Papa for a few icing taste tests.
Me & my sweet girl
Then it was on to egg dyeing!
A little color-mixing lesson from Nana
So proud of their creations!
And though there are no corresponding pictures, we have taken lots of time over the last several weeks to talk about the real meaning of Easter.  So much more than bunnies & pretty eggs, I want them to understand just how awesome & exciting it is that Jesus rose from the grave.  I love hearing them exclaim, "Jesus is alive!"

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