Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chalk it Up to an Awesome Daddy

For quite some time, I've been admiring the oversized chalkboards I've seen in certain catalogs.  I did not, however, admire the price.  Good thing I have an awesome husband!  J took on the task of making a 4'x8' chalkboard for the playroom.

I helped paint the trim, but I definitely don't deserve any credit for this project.  He researched what kind of wood would be best, bought the materials, painted the many coats of chalkboard paint & made it all happen!
The finished product adds a lot of color to the playroom, serves as a great activity spot for the kids & also gives us a place to display Bible verses we're learning or artwork they've done.
Way to go, Daddy!

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AmyB said...

Sign me up, I want one!