Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter morning arrived with baskets of goodies lined up on the stairs.  Mal was beyond excited to receive Tangled on DVD.  She's been heartbroken ever since Netflix removed it from their instant video list.  Jake's movie was Rio, which they seem to like after watching it yesterday.  He also loves the kangaroo that came with his book & named it Rio.  Yes, we're very original.
Give Beau a ball & he's in heaven!
Boys in bow ties - cuteness overload!  And their sister is pretty cute too!
We really didn't stage this picture to look quite so official, but we both laughed that it looks like Justin is running for office or something & this is his perfect family.  At least we can occasionally achieve perfection in a picture.  Not so much for real life!
Papa & Nana with three giggly kids
After church, Easter lunch was filled with lots of yummy food: ham, deviled eggs, green bean bundles, salad, pineapple casserole, rolls & the finished product of Mal's cookie decorating.
After lunch, the hunt was on!  Beau was just thrilled to have somehow made off with Mal's barbie toy from her basket.
"Mommy, I can't find any more!"
The little man has a love for heading toward the street.  It keeps Mommy on her toes!
Easter's not just for kids - these crazy people had fun too!
 I hope your family had a happy Easter as well!


AmyB said...

Great pics! You'd make a fine politician's wife in that red dress, if Justin ever wants to run!

Jodi said...

Y'all are one cute little perfect political family!! :) :) :) Great pics!

Kristen said...

Hi, Alli. Your Easter pictures are beautiful! But, unfortunately, I am commenting with more of a specific motive in mind. I am wondering about a giant picnic blanket you helped make, waaaa-y back in 2009. It looks AWESOME on your blog and we are recycling our God's Big Backyard curriculum this year for our summer Kids Camp (a.k.a. VBS) and your picnic blanket is on my list of awesome things to add to our decoration scheme. Is there anyway I could trouble you to let me know how you put it together and what kind of material you used? Again, your blog is super, your kids are cute and your home is beautiful. But that giant picnic blanket made my day;) LOL