Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beau Harrison at 1 Year

After much delay due to a spring break birthday & Jake's incident upstaging his original appointment, we finally had Beau's 12 month check-up today.
At one year, here are the big man's stats:
20 lb 11 oz (15%)
30" tall (45%)
 19" head (85%) - to fit all those brains!
Beau had taken some steps by his birthday, but really started walking about two weeks later.  He thinks he's pretty big stuff.
My youngest boy is quite the curious one & likes to see what kind of mischief he can get into.  Running away from Mommy is a popular game of his, as is climbing stairs, stealing his siblings' toys & making a mess when he's done with his food.  The Beau-man loves to dance to any music he hears & enjoys being sung to.  He is also a fan of Pat-a-Cake.  Bath time is probably his favorite time of the day.
Beau is a great eater & will try pretty much anything, unless you catch him on a bad teething day.  His favorites are ham, cheese, green beans, broccoli, grapes, strawberries & wheat thins.  Don't be fooled by  that healthy list, though.  He also has quite the sweet tooth & will beg shamelessly for any dessert he sees you consuming.  Be prepared - he's very persuasive!  And speaking of teeth, he only had one at his birthday & now has a second one.  Both are on top, with a pretty significant gap in between, which makes for some cute, funny grins.
Beau is a smiley, happy boy most of the time.  He does have a fiery temper though, one of many traits he shares with his sister.  Taking away something he shouldn't have, picking him up when he wants to be down, making him come inside & telling him "no" are just a few catalysts that can launch him into a sobfest, complete with the cutest pouty lip you've ever seen.  Most of these fits are short-lived, & then it's back to giggles. 
My sweet blue-eyed boy, I love you so much!  Daddy & I are thankful every day that God entrusted you to our care.  We know that your big, bright personality will one day make you a great servant in His kingdom, & we're thrilled to join you on that journey.

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jaymie said...

Cutie!! Had fun last weekend getting to visit a little and have some cdr fun. I never feel like I get to catch up with everyone as much as I want to but oh well. I'll take what I can get! Good seeing you!