Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, we took advantage of a beautiful, warm day & headed with some friends to the Dallas Zoo.  I decided to purchase a family pass since it only takes three visits to make it worth your while.  We're looking forward to lots more zoo days over the next year - for free!

My crew excitedly waiting for our friends at the entrance
Jake sort of bee-bops when he's excited.  It's a quality of his that I really love.
Between Andrea, Anna & myself, we have a total of eight kiddos!  Here's the whole gang:  Hagan, Beau, Reid, Jake, Colby, Mallory, Karl Mikal & Heidi.
During our visit, we checked out some penguins,
stopped to see how we measure up to them,
rode an elephant or two,
& enjoyed a beautiful day with minimal crowds.
We got some up-close views of elephants,
zebras, gazelles,
& giraffes.
Thanks to Mrs. Andrea, the kids even got to feed a giraffe!
We oohed & aahed over huge lions,
lazy gorillas,
& pretty flamingos.
After a picnic lunch, we ended our adventure in the children's area & got to pet a few goats.

It was a fun day! If anyone wants to go to the zoo, let us know!

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