Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8th Annual Small Group Halloween Party

Our Halloween activities continued last Sunday afternoon with jack-o-lantern carving.  Daddy went hi-tech this year & used his drimmel to carve instead of a knife.  MUCH faster!

Mal, ready to go with her scooping spoon
Once the scooping actually started, Mal wasn't such a fan.  Miss Priss doesn't care for icky things on her hands.  Jake had fun helping, though!
Guess who did most of the scooping?
Jake supervising Daddy's carving
As usual, Beau chilled & watched the action.  He was happy with his rings.
Somehow I missed getting a pic of the final product, but they were great, I promise!

That evening, we hosted our small group party.  Our group has evolved over the years as different families have moved away, formed other groups or joined us.  The Halloween party has been a constant through those years & is always something I look forward to.  Here are a few of the costumes:

The Powells - Christmas Past (Emmie), Christmas Pregnant (Cari) & Christmas Future (Logan)
 Charlotte as a cute little Goldilocks with her bears
J & I went with the economical/lazy costume & chose to be an "e-male" & attachments (those are paper clips on me).  Apparently our choice had dual meanings because each person who guessed what we were went with "eclipse."
Caroline as Snow White with Michelle as the Mirror on the Wall
Avery the little pageant queen with her #1 Stage Mom, Rachel
There were several others that I missed getting pictures of.  I blame Justin.  Thanks everyone for continuing a fun tradition!

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