Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Back to Reality

Justin & I spent a relaxing long weekend away from our normal daily responsibilities, but that's not the topic of my post. I'll get to that stuff later, but it's been crowded out of my recent memory due to my last two days at home.

Jake had yucky diapers all weekend & apparently passed what we now know was a stomach bug along to his sister. So sweet to share! Mal absolutely drenched me in puke yesterday afternoon & left two lovely, giant red stains on our playroom carpet, thanks to the red Gatorade she'd been drinking. Yes, I realize now that red wasn't a great choice, but I was trying to rehydrate her after a day's worth of diaper issues. This occurrence was only the second (third, fourth & fifth) time she's ever thrown up, so we usually just don't even think about that with Mal. Point taken for the future.

I'm very thankful that J had come home early yesterday to see the kids before heading to the airport & that he was here when that happened. It was at least a two man job! (He might not be quite as thankful as I am, but he was a trooper!) Our night went well, & she seemed to be her normal self this morning except for being a little extra clingy. Silly me to breathe a sigh of relief too early! She had what we'll just call an "explosive situation" with her diaper while in the car today, so I've been scrubbing, wiping & disinfecting all afternoon & evening.

Times like these, when my life is dominated by the two P's of motherhood, pooping & puking, I need to remember that most of our days are more like what's in the following pictures than recent events. As disgusting as this job can be, I'm still very grateful for it!

Lounging at the Arboretum with Daddy
Excited boy!
Sweet girl concentrating hard on getting down without help
Watching the fish in the pond


Kim said...

Yuck! That's the worst. I am so sorry you are dealing with the p's of mommyhood. I hope everyone is back to feeling better soon!

Winters said...

Oh, the P's...no fun! I hope they are back to 100% really soon! Love the last picture :-)